"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" - Zen proverb

"The ideal teacher is the one who becomes bridge for his student to pass to the other side and when he has helped the student's passing, he joyfully lets himself collapse, encouraging the student to build his own bridges" - Nikos Kazantzakis

"Practice what you teach and teach only what you have practiced" - Dan Millman

The teachers at Elefthero Odeio are:

Alexandros Fotinos

head of the school, music groups

Aggelos Prassas

buzuki, tzoura, baglama

Andreas Arvanitis

Cretan lyra, cretan laouto, mandolin, harmonica, askomandoura

Antonis Karatzikis

piano, advanced theory, choir, music groups

Dimitris Zikos

piano, advanced theory, composition, music groups

Dimitris Pamboulakis

drums, percussion

Irene Charalabidou

voice & singing, opera, stage performance

Eleanna Gerontopoulou

music kindergarten, music for toddlers, drums for children

Elisavet Halvatzidaki

piano, choir, theory basic & advanced

Theoni Samara

piano, theory, music & singing for children

Manos Syrios

Byzantine music, lauto, folk singing

Maria Kolozou

guitar, guitar for children

Mihalis Theologitis

flute, recorder, ocarina, music ensembles, tsabouna

Stavros Lolis

violin, advanced theory, music ensembles

Stelios Andreoulakis

guitar electric & accoustic

Stelios Tsakas

accordion, piano, preparation for music schools & universities

Fotis Skarmoutsos

bass guitar, acoustic & electric guitar

All the collaborating teachers are young people, artists of a high level, owning the most authorized degrees, when it's necessary and with a great teaching experience.

Basic characteristics of all teachers are their great love and enthusiasm for music and teaching, their restless spirit, positive thinking and their excellent communication skills with all ages.

We warmly thank them all for their excellent co-operation!