Music Lessons

From 29 € per month!



Elefthero Odeio Music School was founded in September 2000 in order to teach people of any age the essence of music, providing a great flexibility among the material taught.

It is established in a self owned 200 square meters property, completely renovated, very close to the center of Athens, Greece.

Consisted of a great team of 30 TOP instructors Elefthero Odeio provides all the variety of teaching of musical instruments, voice and theoretical lessons for any age, level or style.

The school's secretary will greet you with a smile, listen to you carefully, choose the instructor that suits you best and make you feel like "at home" straight away.

Twice a year students (those who want of course) participate in concerts in enclosed and open theatres and invite their friends and relatives to enjoy them. So they're living the unique experience of performing in front of an audience and sharing what they love. At the end they all receive a DVD-gift, a beautiful diploma-souvenir and of course a whole treasure of experience!

Elefthero Odeio's graduates have already joined the music business, co-operating with record companies, performing live, teaching music in public and private education, participating in well-known orchestras etc.

So no matter your age, your talent, your likes and dislikes, your special situations, in Elefthero Odeio you'll find music education of a TOP QUALITY, in a warm and friendly place, organized in an excellent way and developed with endless passion. And above all we'll help you achieve YOUR goal in music, whatever that is.