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...Elefthero Odeio Music School is your place to go!


Our excellent teachers will show you how to master the basics with minimum time and effort, how to play or sing your favorite songs from the first months already, how to avoid common mistakes, how to constantly develop your technique, so that you can perform more and more difficult songs, how to get the maximum pleasure and satisfaction from what you do, how to improve even more, if you 're already advanced and, finally, how to become independent, so that you don’t need a “school” and a “teacher” forever!!!


Are you ready for your journey into the magic world of music?



Music Lessons

Why Elefthero Odeio?

σπουδαστές μουσικής
You enjoy a great lesson in a "family" environment


η ελευθερία της μουσικής
The lesson is adopted to your needs and wants


μουσικά σύνολα και live
You may perform at live gigs, gaining experience & meeting new people

Make your dream come true!

guitar lessons
Guitar lessons
from 53€/month


piano lessons
Piano lessons
from 53€/month


singins lessons
Singing lessons
from 56€/month


violin lessons
Violin lessons
from 56€/month


drum lessons
Drum lessons
from 53€/month


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testimonial quotation

Apart from the experienced teachers, organization, understanding and support in anything comes up, really friendly prices in comparison with the quality work that everybody does there, a chance to get up on stage on live gigs and concerts etc, the main thing is that you face a big “hug” and a great music family. I wouldn’t change Elefthero Odeio, even if I live at the other side of Athens!

- Eleni, singing lessons

testimonial quotation

Being myself a musician with a degree and making a new start with violin lessons at Elefthero Odeio Music School, my impressions are excellent. Stavros Lolis stands out as a violin teacher, combining knowledge, experience and a unique way of teaching, that wins you deeply, straight away. I should also emphasize that the whole school is an extra warm and friendly place, with gentle people around, Vasiliki at the reception and Mr. Alexandros, the school’s manager.

- Aphrodite, violin lessons

testimonial quotation

It’s my third year at the music school and I wouldn’t change it for nothing!! My very talented and contagious teacher on drums (Dimitris) and the unbelievably friendly personnel that I see in the school (Vasiliki and Alexandros) make my experience there so pleasant and I strongly recommend in to anybody wants to start any instrument :)

- Elena, drum lessons

testimonial quotation

We've been knowing “Elefthero Odeio” many years ago… since 2008! That was when our older son asked to learn play the piano… Since then “Elefthero Odeio’s” family embraced us with love and has offered us great moments and feelings…! All our three children study music now!... Their teachers are outstanding professionals and they guarantee their best education, so that they get a deep Music Education in a pleasant and experiential way!

- Athina, piano lessons for children

testimonial quotation

I once started learning bouzouki, which I always adored, but due to ongoing personal and professional obligations, I stopped and for decades I felt that I had a great debt tο myself. So one lovely day, fortunately enough, I called at “Elefthero Odeio”. Now, 3 months later, with the unlimited support, good intention, contagiousness, knowledge, plus a pretty big effort from me, my progress has improved and I am totally satisfied. Let’s not forget that a while ago I was at absolute zero. My purpose is not to live playing bouzouki, but to be able to escape and relax, expressing my feelings. Thank you Elefthero Odeio for having me travel!!!!!

- Giorgos, bouzouki lessons

testimonial quotation

I had a great desire to learn how to play the guitar, for many years in my mind, so little time to do it! But when I felt that the time had come, I met Elefthero Odeio, Alexandros, Vasiliki and my teacher, George! My desire transformed into desire for practicing, anticipation for the next lesson, joy that I interfere with people who apart from their high knowledge, are full of love and passion for music! Music is mainly emotion and sensations and, for anyone who perceives music under that spectrum Elefthero Odeio is the place where the emotion will intensify, be expressed, take him on a journey!! I want to thank George for his patience and valuable guidance, Vasiliki for always being there whatever you need and Alexandros for one of the most beautiful conversations I've ever had!!

- Nikos, guitar lessons

testimonial quotation

Though I’ve been taking lessons for a short time, I think that the opinion that I have formed for Elefthero Odeio is valid and I would very much like to spell it out. It’s a school where the visitor, from his first step through the door, immediately realizes that it’s very well organized and after a while senses the great love for music and real friendly intentions from the management and personnel. But the most important is the extra high level of music knowledge of the teachers and their ability to transfer them to the students. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that every time the student is looking forward to going to his lessons. That says it all.

- Giorgos, saxophone lessons

testimonial quotation

A great place with warm people and really quality work!! A great variety in instruments and courses, excellent organization, convenient hours, flexibility, high accessibility by almost any means. “Elefthero Odeio” should be the first choice for any young aspiring musician to check out, with any kind of ambition :)

- Isidoros, harmonica lessons

testimonial quotation

The best day of the week, the day I have class at the conservatory! I am taking vocal lessons with Irene. She is incredibly supportive and always finds a way with her advice to unlock and inspire you! Mr. Alexandros is always open to every student and Vasiliki in the secretariat is the joy of the conservatory! For me, the most special moments and unforgettable experience were the rehearsals for the concert organized by Elefthero Odeio, where I met and collaborated with students and teachers to create a wonderful music night!

- Elisavet, singing lessons

testimonial quotation

A very nice place in the center of Ampelokipi, easily accessible by all means of transport. The atmosphere is family and very warm. It can meet the requirements and wants of any student with the multitude of teachers available. There is excellent communication with the secretariat and every possible effort is made to serve the schedule that is convenient. The best period is the organization of the live concerts where the students get to know each other and bands are created from which the students gain very pleasant experiences and memories. I highly recommend it.

- Nikos, guitar & singing lessons

testimonial quotation

A music school that makes you feel at home and inspires you to love music. My children, 5 and 7 years old, started in October and I will not forget how simply Mr. Fotinos solved their dilemma about which musical instrument to start with, as they liked 2 different ones each. "The questions are two.. which musical instrument do I want to learn this year & which sound speaks to my heart! " Mr. Giorgos is an excellent teacher and Vasiliki is a real treasure at the reception, always cheerful and willing to help us.

- Peggy, guitar & piano lessons for children

testimonial quotation

A childhood dream to learn drums, I finally reached 30+ until I started lessons. Although "awkward" and locked in at the beginning, the people and the place quickly won me over and I don't think I would be too out of place if I gave the description "a big family". The lessons are adapted to the needs and pace of the students (whether they are beginners or advanced). Very well organized and if something comes up it is sorted out, if not immediately as soon as possible.

- Dimitris, drum lessons

Meet our team!

Irene Charalabidou

voice & singing, opera, stage performance


Fotis Skarmoutsos

bass guitar, acoustic & electric guitar, ukulele


Aggelos Prassas

bouzouki, tzouras, baglamas


Dimitris Pamboulakis

drums, percussion


Stavros Lolis

violin, advanced theory, music ensembles



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teach with us

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