Facilities / Equipment

Elefthero Odeio Music School Elefthero Odeio's events room Elefthero Odeio's music groups classroom Elefthero Odeio's voice lessons classroom Elefthero Odeio's drum lessons classroom Elefthero Odeio's piano lessons classroom

The school has:

  • 200 square meters of our own fully renovated property at the very center of Athens.
  • Excellent land structure: 7 classrooms, 2 lobbies, secretarial space, rehearsal studio, theory classroom & concert room.
  • A great variety of musical instruments and equipment of a high quality: 2 classical pianos, 3 electric pianos, 4 drum sets - 3 accoustic & 1 electronic, keyboards, buzukia, baglama, mandolin, toubeleki and other percussion, classical guitars, electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, saxophone, flute, clarinet, violin, recorders, harmonicas, Orff instruments, accordion, guitar & bass amplifiers, consoles, mixer, microphones, loudspeakers, computers with music software etc.
  • Music books library and CDs/DVDs/mp3 library.