Children classes


Introductory music kindergarten: Carl Orff's musicokinetic system for children 2-7 years old. This system brings children in a pleasant and entertaining first contact with the wonderful world of music, through playing, dancing, singing and participating in little bands with easy musical instruments. Also gives the opportunity to the children with talent to discover it and maybe use it later on and to those with no special talent, to just spend an evening a week in a pleasant and constructive way together with their friends.

Here we'll mention a few musical instruments and the minimum age for a child to start having lessons:

  • Piano / keyboards: Sometimes even from the age of 3
  • Junior voice lessons: Usually from the age of 6
  • Flute / recorder: Usually from the age of 6
  • Violin: Usually from the age of 6
  • Guitar: Usually from the age of 7
  • Mandolin: Usually from the age of 7
  • Baglamas: Usually from the age of 7
  • Accordion: Usually from the age of 8 etc.


In case you're not sure whether your child is talented in music or not, we could tell you after a little test.

Come and see the quality of our work. Give your little loved-ones the chance to discover and express their talents, finding a nice hobby that will accompany them for all their lives.

Let's all help children find positive alternatives, away from drugs and the so many temptations that they're going to face in their lives.

Let's all put a brick on the wall of a better tomorrow!

And all the above in a healthy, civilized and positive environment!