From the age of 3-4 years old children can join in the group lesson of the "introductory music kindergarten". It's the best way to bring children to a first contact with music through playing, dancing, singing and participating actively in small bands with easy musical instruments. If a child insists in learning a specific musical instrument from that age, it's possible. And after a few years the child may also start, if he/she wants, voice lessons, specifically adapted for children's sensitive voices.

Generally yes. But you determine the duration of your practice. And of course the pace of your progress will be equivalent. Though it's good to know that a lot of people of any age having busy schedules have managed to learn music. Introductory music kindergarten doesn't require any practice at home.

Generally yes. But you can start without having your own instrument and practice with the school's instruments. And little by little it would be good for you to plan buying the instrument that you are taught, so that the "procedure" of your practice becomes easier. Your progress will be faster that way.

It depends on you. Also the "good" is not the same for everyone. Generally speaking most students within 1-3 months can play their first easy songs decently. Improvement, however, depends on the quantity and quality of your practice.

Probably yes. “Elefthero Odeio” School of Music generally offers the opportunity for group lessons. However because group lessons involve several factors in order to function properly, it would be better for you to book an appointment with the school and come to discuss it in person.

Due to the general economic situation of our country, we try to keep cost in a very affordable level for our students, but without reducing the quality of teaching. Please check our fees and our offers for more details. And of course there’s always the alternative to plan together solutions specifically for you.

Of course! Thousands of people start at an old age (even retired people) and they're doing just fine! And of course they find out that it was worth it after all. Because the reward from the pleasure of playing music is much greater than the effort to learn.

Generally yes. We always help our graduates with advice, guidance, recommending people, informing them of jobs that have opened etc. However it doesn't mean that you should expect everything from us. "Apart from Athena move your own hand as well!" (in ancient Greek: "Sin Athina ke hira kini")

Absolutely. But not only them. You should trust your teacher and let him/her lead you where you want to go. Through specific exercises and training you'll build the skills you need in order to be able to play the songs you like with ease. So the lesson is a combination of exercises and repertory.

If you wish to, yes. But you'll have to follow the specific program designated by the Greek Ministry of Culture or by foreign Music Institutions that we cooperate with or by "Elefthero Odeio Music School" (depending on the lesson) and succeed every year with your exams.

We offer private and group lessons. Private lessons have the advantage that they are 100% coordinated to your goals and that your progress will be faster than in group lessons. On the other hand group lessons have the advantage of lower cost plus socialization and healthy competition with the other students. However group lessons involve several other factors, that’s best to discuss in person.

No. We split groups in terms of their level and age. So the same lesson is approached in a different manner depending on the age of the students involved.

It depends on the course and level. Individual lessons are usually once a week and last 30-60 minutes. We select the day and time together. In case you're aiming for a degree, you'll need to come 1-2 more times to attend some extra lessons in theory. Also even if you're not aiming for a degree, but still you want to have more comprehensive knowledge, you may also join group lessons, apart from your individual one.

Yes. All registered students have the right to use the school's classrooms and musical instruments free of charge in order to practice. Provided of course that there are no booked lessons at the classroom at the specific day and time.

Yes, we certainly do! Twice a year Elefthero Odeio organizes big concerts with free entrance, where the students who want and are able to may participate (no matter their age, level and music style). At those concerts you may see a 5-year old child, who has just started a few months ago, up to virtuoso musicians, ready to start at their professional career. Concerts consist an absolutely strong motive for young and old to perfect a musical piece of their level and taste and present it at their friends and relatives. A unique experience indeed and a truly entertaining one. And of course a great school in music! Click here to get an idea of our concerts!