Voice lessons

For singing, speaking, performing


μαθήματα φωνητικής

  • Amateurs are taught the proper use of their voice so that they don't get tired and they don't damage it. They are instructed in such a way to promote all the good elements they have. Vocal training workout, practice with repertory of their choice.
  • For professionals of any style of music there is special training for improving (or re-gaining) of their technique as well as correcting any errors. Responsible guidance.
  • At classical singing courses all technical demands of the kind are covered and students take exams according to the regulations of the Greek Ministry of Civilization.
  • For speakers (executives, lawyers, actors, teachers, sales persons etc) there is a special voice training for helping them heal, free and empower their voice, in order to become more charismatic, confident, powerful and influential.